“Seven Streets” Excerpt end of day Seven

Day seven of writing a novel called “Seven Streets” for NaNoWriMo has come to a brilliant close. Having a bit of a head start gave me time to research a little bit for a key point in the story. If you keep an open mind and want a chance to say wow then check out this page about Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified.

A Little about Research

Last year I was so nervous about word count and making the deadline that I skipped over parts that required a little research by writing something like: this part will have the name of a city in this region of the country and the characters will need to move across the land in a vehicle typical for that spot that I don’t know the name of but will be perfect ***. The triple asterisk was my note to go back and fill that info in later. This was also a clever way to pad my word count. The point was to not lose momentum looking into facts that didn’t move the plot along.

Anyway, today I met my word count goal and then saw that the next chapter would need (like need the bathroom when you have eaten too many burritos: need!) to have the name of the school to be exactly right. It is a key part to my plot. My kids all happened to be wrapped up in a lively game of hide and seek mixed with marco polo so I thought I might poke around and find a name. Oh it was so fun! I was inspired to write another 792 words to get the next chapter off with a bang as the excitement was high and the knowledge fresh.

Current Stats

Days of writing: 7 of 30

Word count: 15,100 of 50,000

Average words per day: 2,158

Personal stats goals: 20 days of writing in 30 days in order to have 10 days ‘free’ (you know for like Thanksgiving and our 14th wedding anniversary). Every active writing day get 2,500 words logged in.

Note about stats: This week was so sporadic and wild! I am so surprised I got as far as I did. Seriously.

Excerpt (or as a writing buddy refers to these very rough draft stages: Vomit Draft)

[bear in mind these lines may never even make the final cut. that is what vomit draft means – you just throw the words up there and move on. it is exhilarating!]

Since it was raining Paulina looked for a flower vendor with an especially large tarp to keep from getting too wet. She found a bright red one at the middle of the road on a hill of one of the Seven Streets that sprouted out from the middle hub like an old fashioned wagon wheel. The downward flow had prevented too many puddles from forming and Noelia had kept the tarp emptied with her squeegee. Tripping over on tip toe Paulina began to look over the bunches of color guarded by Noelia.

“What are you looking for?” Noelia said in the recitation tones of a disinterested salesperson. She kept her head down and tightened up her thin jacket to keep the next gust of wind from reaching her bones.

“My regular flower vendor is not here today. She is usually over there. Do you know her?” Paulina tried to be as friendly as possible as a bit of rain trickled down her stately, creamy forehead and ran right to the tip of her nose. She pointed a shivering finger down the street a bit indicating where the other usually was.

Noelia glanced in the general direction that Paulina was pointing. She knew full well that the other lady refused to come out and sell in the rain for fear of catching the death of a cold. Still she offered no such friendly information when she saw who the girl was who was standing before her flowers.

“I don’t know anything about none of that,” she said with a sidelong stare up at Paulina. Slightly taken aback by the curt response Paulina met the stare and was about to walk to the next stand. “But I do know who you are.”

“Oh,” Paulina was even more sure she should move along because the cold shoulder this girl was giving her was worse than the actual cold shoulder that she had from the rain that had seeped through her jacket.

“You are that rich kid who stares at us from up in your tower,” Noelia continued. The wetness and humidity had put her in a foul and cranky mood.

“Oh, well, have a nice day,” Paulina offered halfheartedly and began to walk away.

To this day Noelia could not tell you what possessed her in that very moment. Before Paulina could take two steps she snatched up her pole and gave a quick shove upwards to the sagging tarp. The water came bounding out and landed smack on its target as if the whole thing had been orchestrated and timed to work out just that way.

Paulina stood sopping wet, bags and all. Her maid could not control herself and stood giggling as she gave a weak attempt at drying Paulina off with an already soaked hem of her dress.

This part was taken from the middle of chapter four. Sorry you didn’t have the setting, time period, character build up or context. I think though that this little scene stands on it’s own a bit and gives you a feel for the mood of the story. Maybe I will have another excerpt for you a week from now.

4 thoughts on ““Seven Streets” Excerpt end of day Seven

  1. Is this set in Bolivia?? I pictured it as so, and from your kitchen window looking down to the flower vendors! For some reason I pictured you as Paulina…and giggled when you got wet!

    Congrats on your achievement so far!! Can’t wait to read it in hardback in my own hands!!

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