Vlog Kaitlynn’s Adoption Papers are Final

The following vlog was made after a long afternoon downtown getting the final document. I don’t even care that the lighting is low, that the girls’ room and myself are a mess-o-rama, or even that the boys are playing Wii and the camera picked up the game’s music. We have the document in hand that declares to the whole world that the adoption is final.

This document, along with a special permission slip, I will take to three different government offices to have it legalized and the signatures recognized. In the middle of that legalization I will have the signatures I need to get her birth certificate. With this legalized document and the birth certificate I will be able to get her Bolivian i.d. card, her U.S. born abroad birth certificate and her U.S. passport. This is all paper work that goes relatively fast and should be done before the end of the year.


21 thoughts on “Vlog Kaitlynn’s Adoption Papers are Final

  1. i just dont have any words. only tears.
    that was a very emotional video. thanks for sharing.

    Thank you Heavenly Father for such blessings! Thank you for Kaitlynn!

    1. Shawn, so true. It was an emotional video. I made it in the evening and then felt like I needed to sleep for days. It was like a part of my was emotionally doggy paddling for months on end and I was finally rescued. Rest was all I wanted.

  2. Beautiful announcement — I’m celebrating for your family! We are in the process of adopting a little girl too, she’s 5, and we’re longing to hear those words and hold similar papers!

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