“Seven Streets” Excerpt end of day Fourteen

Synopsis link: “Seven Streets”

Method: NaNoWriMo

First excerpt link: end of day seven

Current word count: 25,670 / 50,000  (that’s over half way!)


“I think you should come over to my place to finish our project today. My house is closer so we can just get it done and get on with our afternoon,” Paulina said. She knew she sounded bossy but couldn’t help herself. He just brought out the worst in her.

“Whatever you say boss lady,” Sebastian replied with a sappy kiss on her hand. She pulled away and curled her lip in disgust. “Find me after school, madam and I will walk her highness home.” His buddies laughed as they all walked away bowing and flourishing their hands mocking her.

She called out to him, “You know where I live. Just get yourself there. I can walk on my own.” She added some unladylike remarks under her breath.

After school she gathered her things and headed for the door. She didn’t give a second thought to waiting for him and started the short walk that she made twice every day. Her path took her past the liquor store on the fringe of the Seven Streets market. She walked on the other side of the street so as to avoid the shady characters that could be found every afternoon in the shop. As she glanced over at the store a familiar face caught her eye. Against her better judgment she stopped to get a better look. Verifying who she thought it was she wondered at her next move. Logic said to keep walking. Irritation and an over-exercised sense of justice made her do something she soon found was not such a good idea.

“Sebastian!” She called out with her hands on her hips when she was sure he would be able to hear her. The shout earned her a playful glance as her companion thought more fun was to be had from whomever it was called him. He blushed when he saw who stood waiting for a response. Then he tried to ignore her.

She was about to call again when some of his friends picked up on the slight cue given to them by their buddy. This girl was a nuisance but he wasn’t going to do anything with her so maybe they should. Two of the larger ones looked at each other and then started to cross the street.

Paulina saw them and froze. If she started to walk away they would surely chase her. She turned to find some kind of help. No one else seemed to pick up on the threat. The two were joined by two more before Sebastian even saw what had begun to happen. The whistles started and the comments became increasingly vulgar. Finally she gathered her wits and tried to push her way out of the enclosure created by large people under the influence. She eked out a feeble and dry throated, “Stop! Help!”


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