“Seven Streets” Inspiration in Images

Waiting. Coffee brewing. Glance out the window. Instant inspiration. Grab camera. Sharing with you…

(Click to see them full sized if you like.)


4 thoughts on ““Seven Streets” Inspiration in Images

  1. Out of my window I see a building sight. Bricks and mortar that will become education and fellowship. Yet it is quiet. Nothing changes. Each week my camera recorded the growth of the stone forest. Foundations, like seeds, grew into walls and floors. The roof, like a canopy of leaves, covered out the sky. Yet is it quiet. Nothing changes. Last week it was on the radio. A building firm has stopped trading. A National building firm. Our building firm. Scanning the internet confirmed it. And so we wait. We wait for developments. We wait for others to make their bids. And while we wait….. it is still quiet and still nothing changes.

    (Angie… you put me in the mood for writing! Yup… last week I was the first in the school to hear that our firm, ROK, has gone into administration. Not even the site manager knew. The workers all had a meeting later that morning, picked up their tools and left. We are waiting for some other firm to buy out part of ROK or to buy up the remaining contract. Moving into the new building is looking less likely until the start of the next academic year… that’s September 2011 for us. Tim.)

  2. Ooooo! Wow! Those are some great pictures! That must be awesome to see from your window every day. All I can see are crappy woods and demon possessed turkeys, I kid you not. Those things are pure evil! I can really see where the inspiration came from.

    My co-author, Lizzy, and I used images to get inspiration for The Pharaoh. Seeing you do this makes me want to share that image. Maybe I’ll do that at some point!

    Keep up the great work!


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