Anniversary Thanksgiving

This year we combined our 14th Wedding Anniversary celebration with Thanksgiving on the 23rd. We were blessed to have Melinda and Romon (and their plus-one due in March) Gore at the dinner with us. I am so grateful for the ability to host a house full and in the process fill their bellies with an abundance of good food.

After the humongous lunch and a necessary nap the Gores returned to watch our kids for us. An tri-continental conglomeration of friends organized a romantic rendezvous for DaRonn and I without the kids in honor of our anniversary. A huge thanks to the following people for their efforts: Agent Z – the master mind, Agent D – intel and recon work, Agent J – the field agent responsible for pulling this all together. You are all so amazing! In the pics below you will see that we had a lovely evening in a hotel in town complete with dinner, ice-cream and movie vouchers as well as sweet, clever and fun notes congratulating us. I felt so loved!

(Clicking on the collages will allow you to see an enlarged version.)

one of the pies, friends and family, the feast, light saber fights after lunch
Celebrating 14 wonderful years of marriage at Hotel Cochabamba


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