The @ is Over at Latina Lista

“Honoring the Pachamama in the nation has been one of the President’s priorities since the beginning of his term. President Evo Morales gave his inaugural speech at a sacred religious site called Tiwanaku. He continues to place importance on the issue of freedom of religion.

He even took extreme measures to remove all political power from the Catholic archbishop in Bolivia, yet was unsuccessful. To date the position carries with it a political influence.

Recently, evangelical groups saw a threat in a distinction…”

To read my whole story click this link to the Latina Lista site:

Bolivia: Protecting freedom of religion is on President’s agenda


One thought on “The @ is Over at Latina Lista

  1. Wow, Angie, mother, running an orphanage, novelist, journalist. Have you found a way to clone yourself?

    I takes courage for the leader of any country to take steps to protect minorities. Bolivia is lucky to have such a person in Evo Morales.

    It is in respecting each others beliefs that a collection of tribes becomes a nation.

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