Buttered Popcorn and Toasted Marshmallow

Thank you Agent Z!

The picture speaks for itself. What’s your guess at which two flavors the Washington family still hasn’t eaten?

My top three favorite Jelly Belly flavors:

1. Buttered Popcorn

2. Toasted Marshmallow

3. Watermellon

My mouth is watering just thinking of it!

What makes the top of your favorite Jelly Belly flavors list?


21 thoughts on “Buttered Popcorn and Toasted Marshmallow

  1. Jelly Belly makes the best jelly beans, and has an amazing variety of flavours.

    1. in my pre-diabetic days I loved their “Cocktail Classics”. Favorite was Pina Colada.

    2. Jelly Belly mixed berry smoothie.

    3. Bacon jelly bean, Archie McPhee and Amazon sell them. Actually you could put bacon anything at the top of any food list.

  2. I’m guessing licorice and root beer?
    I like just about every flavor of Jelly Bellys. My mother-in-law has a condition where she can’t eat nuts or popcorn (the name of it escapes me right now…) so she gets her popcorn “fix” with popcorn flavored Jelly Bellys! Yum!

  3. I have no idea what flavors are even IN a box of Jelly Belly’s, but black licorice is on the very bottom of my list, so maybe its on yours too! lol (Toasted Marshmellow??? sounds yummmmmy!!!)

  4. I think you haven’t eaten the black licorice and Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper and black cherry are my favorites so the dark red ones look like one of those. No matter what, it looks like someone knows your family well to have only two flavors that you haven’t eaten yet :).

  5. I knew it was jelly belly flavors from the title. It made my mouth water just reading it. Great minds must taste alike!

  6. Speaking of great minds, I goggled
    “Toasted Marshmallow & Buttered Popcorn”
    you were first on the list :)
    So here I am, & I agree with your top 3
    although undecided as to which I like best between the 2
    next cinnamon
    then watermelon ;)
    ….need to try those berry smoothies, sounds yummy!

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