Guest Post from my Daughter


By: Raimy O. Washington

Mary Lu Kate had a hard nut to crack
She tried to let go but still carried the pack
She never had the right jeans to wear
Even if she looked here or even there

She looked at those, she looked at these
My Oh My, Jeez Louise
There wasn’t one pair without a stain
And all her searching was in vain

She found some for shorties and some for tall
She couldn’t find any of her’s at all
She found her sister’s, she found her bro’s
She found her mom’s, but who’s are those?

She found black jeans, brown ones too
She found purple and sky blue
But when she thought she found one right
It was too lose or too tight

Until night came; it was too late
Poor, poor Mary Lu Kate


Bio: at twelve years old Raimy O. Washington spends her free time drawing, writing, and singing. As the eldest of five her brothers and sisters are her greatest admirers, next to her mama and papa. Her big dreams put a sparkle in her eye and make her a fun girl to know.

4 thoughts on “Guest Post from my Daughter

  1. Loved the poem Raimy. Hopefully you have better luck with jeans then poor, poor Mary Lu. Jeans are the uniform of the day for us retired folk. Of course we need the kind with an adjustable waistline.

    I agree with Patty, the gift of writing definitely runs in the family.

    1. Raimy says: Thanks for the comment. I am glad you liked the poem. Jeans are my uniform of the day as well. I don’t have as many problems as Mary Lu Kate; I hope you don’t either.

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