Raymi Inti

Chit-chat defaults to weather. World round people talk about the weather. Why? Because in its constancy of existence we find ourselves subject to the constancy of experiencing its changes.

I think God is like the weather. In His constancy of existence our experience with Him varies from day to day. We can know His still small voice like the breeze in the trees. We can also know His sadness like the slow, cloudy rain at night. We can know His joy like the wind that swirls and dances. We can know His desire for intimacy like the close heat of a humid summer day.

The Psalmist reveled in the weather and elements of creation when penning verses of praise, lament, petition and love. The Prophets heard from God while interacting with His creation. We too, need only step outside or simply look out the window to find a spark of connection with our Maker. Just as we use the weather to converse with other humans we can use the weather as a springboard to talk with God.

A group of Bolivians observe Raymi Inti. This tribal festival for the sun god is designed to appreciate the work of that big ball of light we all live under. I get it. I get the urge to worship what could be perceived as the source of all power. I choose to believe the truth of a God above all nature; but I understand the desire to worship the elements.

Next time a conversation you are having defaults to the weather, as they so often do (even in social media), think about God like the weather. Constancy of existence and constancy of change surrounds us all twenty-four-seven. Appreciate the contrast of the weather of your relationship with God and the weather of others.


One thought on “Raymi Inti

  1. The weather surrounds us, everyday it impacts our lives. For people of religious faith the same is true of God.

    God’s influence permeates every aspect of your life. You begin and end the day with a pray to him. I begin and end the day with my bones telling me the weather is/was.

    Tomorrow is Christmas. The spirit of the season is all around us. It is a spirit we all share, not matter what the source of our faith is.

    We can talk about the weather, faith, and the spirit of Christmas because we all share experiences with them. They are a part of all of our daily lives. The thing about having conversations to remember to respect each others experiences.

    Angie I wish you and your family a very joyous Christmas.

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