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In Spanish eleven is spelled ‘once’ [ohn’ say]. It has been enjoyable talking with people and reading their messages regarding the new year. They give a wrap up of 2010. They tell me their hopes for 2011. The varied feelings of past and present give me cause to marvel at humanity on a micro and a macro scale.

Thought I’d jump on the bullet point band wagon and add my hopes for this ‘dos mil once’.

  • Take my kids to the States for a visit
  • Make solid advances for Kaitlynn’s U.S. citizenship
  • Dream about the house we will build for The House of Dreams

I also hope that you, my dear readers, would realize all your hopes for this new year.


3 thoughts on “Once

  1. That is my favorite Christmas card for 2010.

    I like that your hopes for 2011 include both practical goals and a dream. I hope all three become a reality in dhá cheann déag o (two o eleven in Irish Gaelic- Gaeilge).

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