Sundays we Skype with Oma and Opa (my parents). It is fabulous! They chat with, sing to, and read cool books to my kids. They ask to see the latest art projects and check up on their latest interests. The kids feel loved and validated. I realized, too, that it is so good for me to see my people adore my kids.

As I was thinking about the refreshed perspective it brings to watch them treat my kids like royalty I had one more thing to add to the list of things I miss about my friends who are far away. I miss my friends doting on my kids. I call it doing life together.

In 2011 five of my closest missionary friends moved away. It was a shock to the system in more ways than one. I mustn’t complain too much because two of them are moving back and one of them is still in Bolivia so we can see each other with intentional visits. And I need to be grateful for the season I am in, yah dah yah dah… I’m working on it. It ain’t easy.

When my friends were close we were able to do life together. They were in my home. We were in theirs. We would do life together. They would be physically present for little things my kids said and did. I would do the same with their kids.

I didn’t know how vital this was until it was gone. I realize that I need to have people around me who adore my kids so that I don’t forget to adore them.

I also realized that this necessity is not going to happen by accident. So even though it takes effort I am going to do some specific things to place more adorers in our life. I will also be more aware of the importance of being an adorer of the kids in my life for the other mamas around me.


3 thoughts on “Adore

  1. “Live life together.” yup its important. Fortunatly i have that with a lot of great friends. but i feel a bit of what you feel about the whole family thing. I really miss having family around. there is just os much that they miss out on that i would love to share. I can hardly wait for your visit. i get choked up thinking about it.

  2. So, I was visiting Coffeegirl’s blog and she suggested picking a blog off the sidebar that started with your first name and say Happy New Year. (Happy New Year, BTW) Well, it turns out that you are also in Bolivia about one hour away by flight, fun! We live in Santa Cruz but I have been to coach for a one day conference and hope to take the fam at some point.

    If you want to visit me, the link over my name is my personal blog. Here is our ministry blog:

    It was fun stopping by your blog and I totally agree with your post. People leaving is so hard in mission life.


  3. Hey dear one,
    Was fun to “adore” and ” do life” and drink coffee all at the same time the other day.
    When you are in La Paz we can do life together here as well :0)
    I will see you soon.


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