Ella es Nuestra Hija

You knew we adopted right? [wink] Things are still marching along. Eight months ago we met out daughter and then brought her home. We’ve had our ups and downs as we learn the ins and outs. Some parts have been easier than I expected; others have not gone like I had hoped. Getting to know a new person takes time. The English is coming along which makes me very happy.

Over the holiday season we plowed through to get some more paper work done. I found out that getting proof of U.S. citizenship is a bit more involved than what I would like. But such is life. It’s not impossible. Just more involved. So two steps closer to that end were these documents. So far we have:

  • the adoption decree,
  • her birth certificate,
  • her Bolivian id card,
  • and now her Bolivian passport.

What’s left:

  • a U.S. visitors visa,
  • her U.S. passport,
  • her social security number,
  • and I think she will get born abroad birth certificate as well.

We are still looking into all that and deciding what is necessary right now and what could wait. The main goal is to be able to take all the kids to the States for a few weeks as soon as possible. I know there are a ton of people praying to that end. Thanks for that.

Oh, the title. Yes. Ella es Nuestra Hija means She is Our Daughter. As advised by our lawyer (not the adoption lawyer but the one who does the residency stuff with us) when we were getting her passport if anyone asked if Kaitlynn is adopted or ‘natural’ we were to answer ‘Ella es Nuestra Hija’. Can’t argue with the truth. We were asked numerous times. This allowed the people to do what they needed to process our papers without the distraction of trying to decide if they would cause problems in hopes of getting an extra ‘tip’ or not. Nope. We made it easy for them. They were focused and free from that moral dilemma. Bless their hearts!

Here are the fancy officializations up to this point:

Bolivian Birth Certificate
Bolivian ID card
Bolivian Passport

Click to see them full sized. Not pictured: adoption decree. Imagine a manila folder with pages and pages of single-spaced, typewriter-inked, Spanish law jargon. Onward…


4 thoughts on “Ella es Nuestra Hija

  1. So very happy for you!!! She IS your daughter! What a thrilling peace to know at least that part is done and the others steps seem to be working out wonderfully. Praying the richest blessing on your family and a trip to the United States VERY VERY soon!

  2. First of- congratulations!!!! Everything will work out fine! Bolivians have a really warm heart and are easy going, so I’m pretty sure Kaitlynn will get acquainted with her new famillia :). I was googling the images of the new Bolivian passport and I found her picture. I’m also from Bolivia, and I lived in Madison, WI for four years, so I consider myself a cheesehead already…. hahaha. I recommend you to always have her connected with her roots (Bolivia) and talk to her in Spanish, so that she can have ‘two eyes’ in this world (that’s how we say it in Bolivia. The more eyes you have the more languages you speak). Once she grows up she will always thank you about that. All the best of luck! And God bless you for giving a human being the capability to live a new live full of love. Gracias :”)

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