Young Phlox met Zinnia on the road one day. Struck by her beauty he asked, “May we walk together my dear?” Fluttering her eyelashes she agreed.

From that day forward the two never parted. Zinnia carried within her children. They were born and all walked the road as well. How odd, then, that when she grew large she worried about the next baby. She spoke with Phlox.

“Dear Phlox,” she started.

“Yes my love?”

“We have been walking this road together for a while now.”

“Yes, my love.”

“Now our children walk it too.”

“Yes, my love.”

“This child in me now has a fight I have never known.”

Phlox thought on the words of the mother. His solution was simple.

“We shall call her Amaryllis and hope that with this very special name she will know she is special,” the father said.

The birth was long and wild. The premonitions of the mother came to pass. Amaryllis meandered only a short while with them on the road before she could stand it no longer. She broke free and ran far, far away. Phlox and Zinnia missed their special daughter so very much.

Some years passed and once again the mother found she had a child growing in her belly. The baby swished around inside of her. Phlox became curious about the thoughts of the mother.

“Dear Zinnia,” he started.

“Yes, my love?”

“We have been walking this road together for a while now.”

“Yes, my love.”

“Some of our children now walk it too. The one has found her own way.”

“Yes, my love.”

“Is this child in you now also a fighter?”

Zinnia looked down and saw a little bump move across her skin. The pregnancy had been calm and pleasant.

“We shall call her Amaryllis and hope that with this very special name she will know she is special,” the mother said.

The two locked eyes, communicating though not speaking. Their reasons and agreements passed all understanding of any outsiders. The decision had been made with an unshakable firmness.

The little one came effortlessly from the body of her mother. They held the child and whispered, “Amaryllis.”

Not much time passed and the road became difficult to traverse for these two and the ones they had brought into this world. One especially difficult day they fell into hands of authorities. The officials, entranced by the mysterious power of the special name, caught up Amaryllis in their arms. She, as her sister before, would have to find her own way.

Once again Phlox and Zinnia were left without an Amaryllis to hold. The fight had left them when the first special daughter left. Phlox comforted Zinnia saying, “The same magic of the name that has taken our little one away will protect her on her road.”

Amaryllis walked a new road now. The magic of the name did indeed protect her. She was found by ones who loved her. Still the magic name had the power to take her away. Again the officials took her from those she walked with to yet a third road. Upon that road her magic name drove her to two wise ones.

The wise ones looked upon her captured by her magic. The little one did not know that these two wise ones had a magic higher than hers.

“What is your name little girl?” they asked in eerie unison.

“I am Amaryllis. I was walking one road and then another and this one I am on is a new one.”

“Would you like to know what it is to walk this road for a very long time?”

“Yes, this is a nice road. I think I would like to stay. Yet this name of mine will drive me away once again.”

“Ah, well it is a good thing we know the magic to prevent that.”

“You have a special magic too?” Amaryllis smiled at the thought of a magic greater than hers.

The two wise ones scooped up the small wanderer in their arms. Enveloped in their embrace the small child heard them whisper the spell which broke the magic of her name and at the same time gave her a new one. They leaned in close and said, “Calla Lily.”

She wriggled down planting her feet firmly in the path and set her gaze to the road ahead. Lifting up both her hands she grasped theirs and they walked along; from that day forward they never parted.


4 thoughts on “Amaryllis

  1. Angie is this from your incredible imagination?
    I really like it!
    Thanks for sharing it.
    I can imagine some beautiful paintings to go along with it…


  2. I bet I read this markedly different than your other readers… taking some liberties with the unwritten details – filling in my own pieces when reading about Amaryllis – the flower that blooms in South Africa. Her journey and mine have parted for this season…

    I love your creativity.

    1. Amy, that is the beauty of abstract art; you connect with it on an emotional level and not just a superficial or pragmatic level. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. I deeply appreciate that.

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