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Rations a Part of Life

COCHABAMBA, BOLIVIA — Dotted along every major thoroughfare, vendors set up tarps to sell their wares. When I drove by a long line of people, shopping bags in hand, I was curious what wonderful product was being offered. … (read more)



2 thoughts on “The @ is Over at Latina Lista

  1. I would not choice to live were products I use everyday was rationed, or where I would have to wait hours(?) in line for them. However this will teach us patience, something we in the US could certainly use more of.

    I was born during WII,1943. While I don’t remember ration books, I do remember being taught to not throw anything away, and to re-cycle every thing, like little pieces of soap.

    As you write, as long as we can put food on the table, and have a roof over our heads, we have no real cause to complain.

    I don’t know if Bolivia can grow enough food on its own to feed all its people. If not, or if this is a significant problem, then the people need leaders who make supporting the agricultural sector a priority.

    1. Ed, you are right in postulating that Bolivia’s leaders need to make supporting the agricultural sector a priority. If managed properly the natural resources are plentiful and can sustain the population, plus we could even do some exporting. What we are seeing now, though, is unbalanced and uneducated handling of the land.

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