Trail Mix

Now on with the crunchy, munchy, mixed-up life I lead…

  • Pomegranate season has begun! For the the next four to six weeks my fingers will be tainted purple. Yum!
  • Third week of the 2011 school year started yesterday.
  • Due to strikes in the city two days of school were canceled last week.
  • The city is also gearing up for the yearly week long festival called ‘Carnaval’.
  • After Carnaval comes the birthday of my eldest. We will be parents of a teenager!
  • After that momentous occasion our interns will have their baby.
  • I’ve got babies and birthdays on the brain since the 27th of this month marks 9 months since we brought Kaitlynn home. Need to journal my thoughts about the significance of that date.
  • Do you read the blog we do for the orphanage? Three times a week we have stories going up about The House of Dreams. Here’s the link:
  • Last night I taught a group of people how to eat sushi.
  • I keep replaying in my mind a sentence that my husband said to me yesterday that made me feel so very loved.


5 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. It is amazing how the words we speak can be more valuable and more effective than flowers or candy or even jewelry. I love love LOVE it when my husband praises me. It’s a wonderful feeling. Talk about filling the love tank to overflowing!

  2. I love your crunchy mix!! I kinda got a birthday …but not really…it’s REALLY next year (when I turn 10)…but in the meantime I’m just gonna be 9 3/4!

    1. Yes! You have a birthday coming up! :) I love that you were born on such a special date. Makes me smile every time I think of it.

  3. Angie, you taught ME how to eat sushi too. I think I’ll have to come back soon so I can try it again.

    My son will follow right behind your daughter into the life of a teenager. The big difference is that this is my “baby” of the bunch.

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