Nine Months

Nine months ago today my youngest daughter came home with me. Her 47 months of life have been spread between three places:

Looking at the time periods in this way shows me that we have really just begun to get to know each other. I have great hope for what is yet to come…


6 thoughts on “Nine Months

  1. The best kind of 2 for 1 – Two beautiful smiles in one picture.

    Kaitlynn has gone through two nine month journeys. One in her birth mother’s womb the other with you on her spiritual journey to faith.

  2. i really liked that you included her time in her birthmom’s tummy. i think it is somehow significant that your chart had two nine month spans on each end. like bookends. almost like now is a new birth after being with you for nine months. very cool visual and i love the photo.

  3. You’re so right my friend, even more beautiful things are to come :) I’m SO grateful that I got to talk all these ideas through with you the other night… you are a blessing to me… to your children… to your family… to your church… oh where does the list end? Miss you!

  4. you are both so beautiful!

    and i love what you did with the timeline… and knowing that pretty soon the green will be longer than all the rest…

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