Fourth Place Cup

The results are in. My book ‘Seven Streets’ took fourth place (along with 27 other entries) in the contest I told you about not too long a while back. You know how they give out trophies that look like cups as prizes? So, I bestowed upon myself a cup as a finalist prize.

It’s a lovely oversized mint green mug. I will most likely use it for the yummiest snack invented: cereal and milk. Green being my favorite color it serves as a good luck symbol what with it being the month of March and clovers and leprechauns and all other superstitious charms. Good luck for a great start towards being published one day.

Yeah for fourth place!

6 thoughts on “Fourth Place Cup

    1. Sarah, your comment made me laugh! I wish I had some Lucky Charms to do that with. I can’t complain too much, though; we do have Alpha-bits, Cheerios and Froot Loops. Personally, I like the Musli and Fitness cereals the best. :)

  1. Congrats Angie! That is so wonderful that you were a finalist with your first book submission! Way to go!! That mug is a great way to celebrate too :). Make sure to have some good chocolate in it along with your cereal and milk. Hot chocolate in a big mug is a great way to liven up a cool day.

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