A Success

Guest post by: Raimy O. Washington

Surely all of you reading must have made a mistake or two in your past. I have made the most mistakes in cooking; it is a bit hard for me. When I was going to bake carrot cake muffins I measured the right amounts and then mixed for the right amount of time. I put the batter in the tray, each one a little bit more than half way full. As I put it in the oven I was sure everything would come together, a few minutes later I found that things really did come together LITERALLY! It was overflowing and it was dripping down the sides in the oven. I didn’t know what to do so I pulled the pan out to clean up the mess. I told Timothy to go get Mama for help. Mama walked into the room as I finished cleaning up and she giggled so Timothy and I did too. She told me it would be ok and she started to pour some of the extra batter into the trash so we could have the right amount this time. I felt a little down but then Mama told me that she had problems in cooking when she was a kid too. She told me a story about her baking cookies with cinnamon. It made me feel a little better but when I checked on the muffins I was worried they would turn out wrong. A few minutes later I checked on them and they still looked a little funny but Mama put them in bowls and they looked super cute. That day I learned two things: one, mama is always there to help me; and two, how much batter to put in for muffins.

Timothy enjoying some of the scraps
super cute bowls
carrot cake breakfast bowls

Photos and true story by: Raimy O. Washington


4 thoughts on “A Success

  1. I decided to make a cake not too long ago and the same thing happened! the batter was too full and made quite a mess in the oven! (and I’m 30 years old). Good for you Raimy for trying something new! : ) And you are right. Your mom is ALWAYS there to help you.

  2. Great story and I can relate to the kitchen goof ups … I make Carrot cake for my husband Kip on his B’day and do it every year … but one year it ended up lopsided
    … I iced it with cream cheese icing anyway … looked through our christmas ornaments and found a mouse skiing (Kip loves to ski) & evey one loved the cake & its adornments.
    … I always say “Alls well that ends well” & your muffins look YUMMY & the bowls are adorable! Your next Muffins will be even better … can’t rush the learning … the goof ups get you to where you need to be. :D

  3. Raimy, that was a really good post! nicely written. it was full of your personality and sweetness, and flowed in a way that kept me interested to the very end.
    i seem to remember you mom having trouble with frozen pizza, and chopping lettuce. i think she has gotten a lot better at cooking now.
    Love you kiddo. talk to you soon.
    Aunt Shawn

  4. Raimy… what a great post! I love hearing about your adventures in the kitchen! and the important thing to remember is that even though we’d love for everything we cook to look beautiful… it’s the taste that really matters :) kind of us like us as women… it’s what inside that really counts :) I bet those muffins were SCRUMPTIOUS! Plus, your mama is a great cook… it’s in your genes :)

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