Thirteen Thoughts

My oldest daughter turned thirteen today. I am truly happy. Thankful list follows…

  1. She wants to hang with me today getting manicures, making jewelry, and shopping
  2. She still plays with all her siblings
  3. She dreams humongous
  4. She sings at church, even though the other singers are over ten years older than her
  5. She talks to me everyday about everything
  6. She considers deeply about friendship
  7. She rarely complains about sharing a room with her younger sisters
  8. She prays and reads God’s word
  9. She has creativity bursting from every fiber of her being
  10. She has a captivating beauty that shines from the inside out
  11. She writes stories galore
  12. She likes hip-hop dancing and old school rap music
  13. She’s my Raimy Baby forever and always

A self portrait by Raimy with her youngest brother


4 thoughts on “Thirteen Thoughts

  1. Happy birthday Raimy and her mama! Have a fun day and take pics to share especially of the nails and jewelry! I love you both!

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