Trail Mix

Now on with the crunchy, munchy, mixed-up life I lead…

  • March was packed to the gills (whatever that means)
  • In no specific order other than the order that these events come to mind…
  • I attended the birth of the baby girl of dear friends. This deserves it’s own post.
  • I assisted a birth mom handing her baby girl over to a family to be adopted.
  • My dear husband finished negotiations to purchase the bowling alley and is now the happy owner. Officially. Wow. Probably needs it’s own blog post too.
  • Had the least miserable Carnaval ever.
  • Stood in linesssssss for hoursssssss to renew my Bolivian id card.
  • Became the mother of a teenager.
  • Let yet another month slip by without getting back on track with running.
  • Celebrated my 26th re-birthday.
  • Let yet another month slip by without getting back on track with writing.
  • Said our final farewells to a sweet little Dreamer who had been with us for years and is now living in Spain with a mama, a papa and a lovely big sister.
  • Welcomed to the House of Dreams the younger brother of a Dreamer who has also been with us for quite some time.
  • Learned that a missionary family we know has to leave Bolivia for health reasons. That makes me so sad.
  • Welcomed a new missionary family to Bolivia.
  • Received some personal mail in our box at the post office. That makes me so happy!
  • On our third attempt finally introduced a friend to the Botanical Gardens. She also finds revitalization when communing with creation.
  • Preached at church. That was super fun!
  • Very grateful for the Magic Jack, Skype, blogs, facebook, emails and whatnot. Although they do make me miss my people tons.
  • Not wanting to end on a melancholy note, hm, tapping fingers, thinking… ah, yes, good thing about March, the rainy season lasted all the way to the end of the month whereas usually it is over at the beginning of the month. I like rain.


"Gazing at the Clouds" favorite March snapshot


12 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. That is a great picture! It would have made a nice Wednesday without words one :). It sounds like you had a very full month. As they say here in Kenya – “Even me!” I also had a month full of getting ready for visitors, visitors, cleaning up and reading for more visitors twice more, an english class and trips out to the “bush” to see some gardens. It was full of hellos and goodbyes, happiness and sadness, and abundant blessings. All in all, a fun yet exhausting month! A good month. Here is hoping the next one is an even greater blessing for you!

    1. Lynn, I have seen all the activity that you have had recently as well. I understand the feeling of so much fun but so exhausting at the same time.

  2. the year I turned 29, I said was going to be 28 again…so it was my 28.1 birthday and 30 was was 28.2…now I’ve just decided to conveniently forget how old I am altogether. : )

  3. Looks like you had a very producitve time at the House of Dreams. From the last picture it also looks like you took time to smell the flowers.

    26 years? Didn’t realize you were still a kid. :) You have packed a lot of living into those years. Hope you can fufill many more dreams over the coming years.

    1. The 26 years is how long I have been a Christian… since I was eight. This year I celebrate 35 since I was born. Still that is pretty young, I am told. :) Thank you for the kind wishes , Ed.

  4. Hi @ngie, just stopping by to say hi, and this post has been a great way to catch up a little on your news :) It’s lovely to read about the really special moments for you in the past few weeks, like being at the birth of your friends’ daughter, becoming the Mom of a teenager, and celebrating 26 years of loving God!
    Look forward to catching up more, and hope you’re well!
    B ox

    1. Hi Birgit! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, my Trail Mix posts are a nice way to keep up with what is happening. It’s also a nice way for me to slow down and process all the busyness of my life and be grateful that Our Father is involved in it all.

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