Calla Lily

Stargazer to the left and Ivy to the right of her Calla Lily trusted the two wise ones. She learned new things as they walked the path. The two roads that little Calla Lily had walked before swirled as eerie misty memories in the twilight as she slept. All glistened bright and new as they showed her how to walk as one of the wise.

Her tongue formed the spells of the wise confounding the occasional passersby of the old paths. They listened to who they once knew as Amaryllis and confirmed that a great change had taken place. Calla Lily simply beamed in confidence of her skills. Stargazer and Ivy knew that the good spell they had spoken over her had indeed started the changes but that they had to be vigilant to ward off the creeping up of the wandering spell they had broken.

Every day the evil villain came slithering up close to the journeyers. Stargazer and Ivy knew they needed to keep Calla Lily safe and at the same time make her strong to fight.

“Calla Lily, say this,” Ivy began one day. Calla Lily mumbled out a few unintelligible syllables. Over and over Calla Lily repeated Ivy’s phrases. “Now, Calla Lily, say the words like this,” Ivy would boom the words out indicating she wanted Calla Lily to speak the words loud. Conquering her nerves the small one mustered up enough volume to please her instructor. Ivy encouraged her pupil to use the incantations often to build familiarity and ability.

Stargazer worked with the old manuscripts. He chuckled when he heard Calla Lily playing with her toys. She had given them each voices and they were speaking some of the very spells that he had given her. He noticed her keen ability for mimicking. This made him smile to see she was learning so quickly. It also gave him cause for concern.

“Ivy, Calla Lily is adept as mimicking,” he began.

“Yes, I have seen how she is almost chameleon like with the people she is with,” Ivy said.

“This is good when she is being trained in the safety of our care, but she will also need the skills of strategy so that she might use the spells when we are not with her.” Stargazer furrowed his brow.

“She is still very young so much of the copying may be due to her age. I do agree however that she will need to acquire ingenuity to not fall prey to the deceivers who would seek to destroy her.”

They both sat in silence for a moment. Suddenly Ivy’s face brightened.

“The puzzlers chest! That’s the answer! My ancestors fashioned a set of puzzles and took them to the Willow Wizard to enchant them. All who solved the puzzles would be endowed with the creative powers of strategy and ingenuity.”

Ivy, so sure about her plan, started off in a quick jaunt into the woods. Stargazer knew she was headed to the ancient troves. He placed Calla Lily on his shoulders and followed.

The three found the intricately carved chest and requested permission from the keepers to let Calla Lily do the puzzles. The wrinkled keepers tested Calla Lily’s capacity for bearing the responsibility of the enchanted puzzles. Then the large key was handed to the two wise ones. One precaution came as they all held the iron ring.

“A patient hand to open the chest with this aged key.

Patient the heart of the learner, yes, but patient first the teachers must be.”

Ivy carried Calla Lily so that Stargazer could haul the chest. Oftentimes over the coming weeks and months that phrase would rise in the hearts of the two wise ones. As she manipulated the pieces of the puzzles Calla Lily became infused with the magic powers of strategy and ingenuity. Stargazer and Ivy became confident that their little girl would be able to join them in the struggle against the evil lurking near.

Calla Lily never lost her trust in those around her. All who she met immediately let their guard down. Through the enchantments of the puzzle chest she was able to discern between harmful and helpful influences. Her pure intentions to uphold unity gave her a good name throughout the land, brought her great success and a caused her to live a long life.

This is a continuation of the story: “Amaryllis”


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