A better day

For all your prayers, thoughts and kind words, both spoken and unspoken, I want you to know that I am grateful. In subtle ways I felt like I was cared for and helped. This is sounding a bit sappy but I just had to let you know that I am better. There is still a process happening but the sadness is not overwhelming and the depression has subsided. So thanks a ton.

Just to highlight a few points of grace…

  • My husband has been gentle and understanding with me as I work through all this. Being the principal sounding board is not always easy. I am grateful that he has been patient and gracious with me.
  • Spent some time doing kitchen therapy for supper yesterday. Made a first ever for my family that everyone liked. Chicken Pot Pie from scratch without a recipe. Delish and rewarding.
  • Had a good time at the gym. A little over a week ago I started back with an exercise  routine as well as some healthier lifestyle choices. Got on the scale and saw that I have dropped 5 pounds since starting back. Motivated to continue.
  • Was able to go to bed early last night. A good night’s sleep does wonders for this early-bird.
  • This morning in family devos we had a good talk about goodness. We are spending a few days on each fruit of the spirit. Today we read Psalm 33:5 which says that the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord. To illustrate we talked about a cup with three drops is not full. A full cup looks very different. The goodness of God fills the earth… but we need to look for it. We had a fun time listing off the goodness we see in the earth. The kids were quick to identify goodness in the earth. I am so grateful for their good hearts. Then we sang the Goodness song from Music Man and the Genesis 1:1 song from Scripture Rock before we prayed and did hugs and kisses before they went to catch the bus.

At this moment realizing the power of the routines that we have set in place. They have provided a firm foundation, roots if you will, for when I am feeling unsteady. Home cooked meals, the gym, morning family devotions, weekly dates with my husband, Skype calls with family, updates on Facebook, honest blogging, work, church, and other things. I will try to remember this when I would be tempted to complain about the monotony of some of these routines. A foundation of strength is being reinforced with the repetition of routine actions that will serve as comfort and motivation when times are hard.

I truly do appreciate your prayers and kindness. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “A better day

  1. Glad you are feeling better! You were in my thoughts and prayers!

    And Chicken Pot Pie in BOLIVIA??!?!!! You may have just found your next business idea!! LOL!!! Sounds YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

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