5, 5, 35

… and later: 10, 30, 15

Hello June! I like you.

5 … Iglesia Cristo Nación, the church we pastor, celebrates five years this month.

5 … House of Dreams, the orphanage we started, also has it’s fifth birthday this month.

35 … Me on June nineteenth.

Coming up later this stellar year:

10 … November first marks ten years as full-time, cross-cultural missionaries for our family.

30 … November first is the thirtieth anniversary for our home church in St. Joe, Word of Life Church.

15 … November twenty-third is our fifteenth wedding anniversary. Yeah!

Interesting all the multiples of five in one year.

Bonus: Gabrielle turns 10 this year and Tyler turns 5.


4 thoughts on “5, 5, 35

  1. 5 in Hebrew is the number for God’s grace and goodness! So I pray that you’ll have LOTS of that this year!!

    Big, BIG hugs!

  2. I thought the same as Livvy when I read this – 5 the number of grace!!

    So many really special occasions this year @ngie, it’s amazing! … Fifteen years of marriage in November, how great is that! Congratulations to you and DaRonn!

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