Don’t Miss This Reading List

My husband purchased a Kindle for me for my birthday! Yeah! We have friends coming down this month who will be bringing it with them.

I am still getting used to using the Amazon site to shop. Nothing can ever replace the glorious walk by a row of book shelves that engulf you with possibilities and promise, not to mention the wonderful smell of paper pages and binding glue all crisp and waiting to be touched. Libraries and book stores are some of my most favorite places in the world.

Practicality dictates, though, that an e-reader is the best option at this juncture. So an e-reader I will have. I am so excited about it!

This is where you step in and virtually take me by the hand and show me around. In the comments, if you would be so kind, you can orient me in the following:

1>> As far as I can tell Amazon is the most internationally friendly site for acquiring books. Are there any other libraries or shops online that you recommend I peruse?

2>> What novels should I add to my reading list? I say novels because they are my preference but really this would be your chance to tell me of your favorite books, fiction or non. Go ahead and list as many as you like!

Yep, that is what you can help me with. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!


6 thoughts on “Don’t Miss This Reading List

  1. My friend just gave me a Kindle, too! I am already downloading books onto “Kindle for PC” so that I will have them when it comes :-) I like the “free” list on Amazon – I think it lists the “top 100” free books. Also a friend of mine just recommended the website which lists many free and cheap Christian books. Not that I read exclusively Christian books, but that is a great resource! I would say if you find free books you like, download them now, because a lot of times the free ones are a limited time offer and in a week they will not be free any longer. Hope this helps!

      1. I was going to give you the same advise. download now on the pc and really take advantage of the free. anything that is a public domain book will be free. i have all the Jane Austen books and many other clasics such as Dracula, Moby Dick and Utopia. Also, I would recomment a nonfiction that was one of my favorite reads of the year. Letters of a Woman Homesteader. also free. i loved it.

  2. You will really enjoy having a Kindle. My parents brought me one last year and I have loved it plus downloading has been no problem! I agree with junglewife to watch the freebie list! I usually check once a week. I was also recently shown which lists freebies too.

    Right now there are some good deals on books like Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper and Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman but those are not fiction. :)

    You can also loan books over the Kindle, so we may need to exchange emails at some point. :)

    We just got some stuff that my parents sent down mostly for the kids, but still love getting packages from home.


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