NaNo’ Bits

Did I mention I broke out a brand new Moleskine? Oh the thrill wafting from these clean lined pages begging for me to mix the pungent scent of the Sharpie and scratch my way to literary bliss! Preparation for National Novel Writing Month has commenced.

Yes, the starting gun does not blast until November 1st. I want to be ready for it! Getting 50,000 words out of my brain, through my finger tips and on to the screen in just 30 days is no small feat.

I wish I was one of those people that get a general direction idea and then just ‘let the characters tell the story’. Sorry, not me. I need to have a plot line with a beginning, middle and end outlined or things get mushy. I also need time to get to know my characters a bit before we spin our tales together. Thus the four month prep time.

This also gives me time to keep my antenna on alert for tips, inspiration and motivation. Like this wonderful gem from my friend Rebecca Gomez:

“I’ve always known that characters need to be flawed. And now I am seeing what that really means for my own characters. We all need plenty of growing room, after all. ” (see full thought here: ‘Weakness is my Weakness‘)

Or this little video from published author Mary DeMuth:

A little video about The 11 Secrets of Getting Published!

{…i truly hope to be a published author…}

If you plan on doing NaNoWriMo 2011 please let me know so we can enjoy the experience together. This will be my third year tackling this challenge. I am looking forward to it.

At one of the intersections we cross dozens of times each week I witnessed an altercation. This scene sparked an idea for the basis of my next novel. Still stirring around and nothing solid yet; I can say there will be a juggler and international visa issues in the book… I think.

Are you currently involved in any creative projects right now? I would love to hear about it!

Hanging on the wall by where I do most of my writing is the following quote:

“From creating cappuccinos to the compositions of Tchaikovsky a mess always precedes the masterpiece.”

Happy mess making my friends!


6 thoughts on “NaNo’ Bits

  1. You quoted me! I am honored. :-)

    I’m still trying to decide on NaNo. Last year I was just too overwhelmed to even attempt it. But I have a couple of ideas that I could do some prep work for, I guess. The thing is, I am one of those writers who just gets the general idea and then “just let the characters tell the story.” If I start, I may not want to stop!

  2. Oh, and you know me. I’ve always got SOMETHING creative going on, whether it is writing or not. Right now I am working on a small collage to give to my father as a late father’s day gift. There are others, but that one stands out the most. :-)

  3. so inspiring! i love to hear a little bit about your method. and your drive is an awesomething to witness. I hope it all comes together for you :)

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