Ask Me Anything

We are coming up on the celebration of 10 years as missionaries. {yeah!} I feel as though I should be a fount of wisdom spitting out juicy nuggets of knowledge on everyone I meet. Every time I sit down to write a sage filled post on the topic, though, I got nada! Zilch. Zero. Othingnay.

I want to talk about it. Really. So that is where you come in to save the day. I invite you to ask me anything.  Pursues these babies for some ideas : 10 years as a missionary, 15 years married (in Nov.), 5 kids (4 homegrown, 1 imported), orphanage, church, other missionaryish work, Bolivia, Spanish, coffee, cacti, and sushi. Or just get creative!

You can ask all over the place: Twitter, Facebook, ‘the @’, or email.

It has been like forever since I did a vlog. I might just dust off my good ol’ point and shoot camera and record my answers in a live interview session. Would that be fun? You like videos right?

So go ahead. Please ask me anything!


3 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything

  1. when you started 10 years ago, did you have an idea where you wanted to be at this point? did you accomplish that?

    I would love to hear how you would describe your role in Christ Nation Ministries. I have always been curious about how you make it all work.

    if the “now” you could talk to the “then” you, what would you say?

    how do you fight against burn out?

    fyi- I love you so much, and right now i am restraining myselft from begging you to move back to Nebraska. but that would be selfish. sorry i let that slip out.

  2. Hi @ngie :) Some things I’d love to hear your thoughts on:
    – The thing you love most about living in Bolivia
    – If you could be anywhere else in the world, doing anything else, where would you be, and what would you be doing?
    – Do you feel you may ever do missionary work in another country at another time in your lives?
    – And I know you love coffee, but I don’t know your favourite way to have it? :) (Espresso? Latte?)
    Look forward to your replies, B ox

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