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A few posts back I told my dear readers to ask me anything. Seeing as we are coming up to our 10th year on the mission field as well as fifteen years of marriage I opened the floor to find out what you are curious about. The following 12 minute video answers the 14 questions that came in. If you want to skip ahead to a question follow this general guide:

  1. [0:10] How do I start working on the mission field?
  2. How did you start working on the mission field?
  3. [1:50] How do I pack up my family and move somewhere and not have any income?
  4. How do you support yourselves?
  5. [4:20] When you started 10 years ago did you have an idea where you wanted to be at this point?
  6. Did you accomplish that?
  7. [4:50] How would you describe your role in Christ Nation Ministries?
  8. [5:10] If the ‘now’ you could talk to the ‘then’ you what would you say?
  9. [5:45] How do you fight against burnout?
  10. [7:00] How does one make it to 10 years on the mission field?
  11. [9:25] The thing you love most about living in Bolivia.
  12. [9:45] If you could be anywhere else in the world doing anything else where would you be and what would you be doing?
  13. [10:55] Do you feel you may ever do missionary work in another place in another time in your lives?
  14. [11:30] Favourite way to have your coffee.

Thanks for watching!


15 thoughts on “Vlog Ask Me Anything

  1. This was a GREAT vlog. thanks for answering all those questions.
    So here is one more for you, what does the next 10 years hold for you?

    1. Thanks for watching, sis. :o) I might need to do another Ask Me Anything in the future. I replied in an email to your question, but for those who might be curious I’ll answer here too. Next 10 years… building a house for the Dreamers, setting in place long term stuff for the orphanage, building a permanent church building, growing the church, helping my three oldest transition to adulthood, write a bunch, get published, maybe even purchase a home for our family… bunches of fun stuff.

    1. Yeah! Thanks for watching Beth! You are awesome :o) I would be interested in knowing your answers to some of these questions too. Maybe over some coffee… Love you too!

  2. This is fantastic @ngie! Thanks so much for answering our questions and giving us more of a glimpse into your lives in Bolivia!

    Firstly, I just have to say, it was lovely to see you ‘in person’ in this – the joy of God and His love really show in you!

    I had to laugh as you answered the question, ‘If you could do anything else?’ …. ‘Social Aid Volunteering’ – love it, ha, ha! It really is in your blood to help and care for others! So great!

    And I loved your reply to the coffee question … you’ve inspired me with the whole idea of chocolate covered coffee beans! It’s been such a long time since I’ve had these!

    And now it feels like I have a load more questions after seeing this – I’ll have to keep them for next time :), B ox

    1. Oh, good! I am glad you liked it Birgit! It was really very fun to put together. I appreciate your kind words.
      I think I need to hunt down some chocolate covered coffee beans too. It’s been a while. Yum.
      Looks like I might need to do another Ask Me Anything in the future. Yeah!
      Hugs to you! :o)

  3. oh my, this was awesome!!! i love that you answered practical questions with honesty and such daggum preciousness! i mean, you are so right-on in sharing truth and practical insights on the fighting burnout and even telling your story of how ya’ll got from the states to bolivia. i feel like i “know” you so much better now. thanks for taking the time to put this together. . . . am tweeting it right now!

    1. And thank you, Patty, for watching. Yes, the millennial connection provides a source of unending mind-boggling contemplation for me.

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