Current Reads

‘Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God’ by: Marty Machowski and Dave Harvey

This is the book we are using for our family devotional times before the kids go to school. We are all enjoying it.


‘The Millennials’ by: Thom S. Rainer and Jess W. Rainer

Fascinating facts and figures about the trends of the current generation. I like learning about these sorts of things.


‘11 Secrets to Getting Published’ by: Mary DeMuth

Practical tips and tools to help you take a rough manuscript through a process to which it is published. Challenging and extremely useful.


A look at what’s next on my list of books to read coming up.

Q: What are you currently reading and would recommend?


2 thoughts on “Current Reads

  1. my sons’ youth group is reading Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala. I picked it up and am loving it. always a sucker for a memoir, i was pulled in immediately. the book is ultimately about prayer, but it follows the rise of the brooklyn tabernacle from a strugglin, 30-member church to the one it is today. it’s a great story, but more importantly, it is changing my prayer life.

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