My Family My Friends

my brother Lucas and me

Exciting news! In case you hadn’t heard I get to go to my sister’s wedding! My parents are my benefactors for this wonderful trip. Can I just tell you I am overjoyed? My heart is thrilled at the promise of spending 10 days with my family. I leave this weekend.

Yes, I will be going up without my kids or husband. I don’t really feel like getting into all the ins and outs of why we aren’t bringing everyone up yet. Suffice it to say I am focusing on being happy about the fact that I get to go up and see everyone and be there for this momentous occasion.

my sister Emily and me

In light of preparing not only my bags but my brain too for this trip I realized the transformation that has taken place with my relationships with my family. Somehow, someway we have turned into friends. When we Skype or talk on the phone (thank you Magic Jack) the conversations are those of friends.

How fabulous!

You know? This means that I can anticipate my relationship with my children growing into a friendship. Wow. That excites me.

Upon being grateful for the friendships my family and I have forged I began to consider the multitude of people I have the honor of calling friends. Near and far, old and new, tangible and virtual I value deeply the people in my life.

This week on ‘the @’ I’ll be touching on the dynamics of friendship in my life. I look forward to hearing your thoughts as we explore this topic together.

Talk Topic Q: How do you stay in touch with family?

P.S. If you are in the Omaha area and would like to come hear me talk about Bolivia on September 11th, contact me and I can get you the details about the church I will be at.  The 12th – the 19th I will be in Wichita. Let me know if you will be close and we can get together.


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