Cut to the Chase

Cliches are to be avoided like the plague. Or so say the experts. The title just did such a great job summing up my thoughts I couldn’t resist.

From a number of sources recently a common critique has come my way. They urge me to, well, cut to the chase.

Get to the point quicker and with more drama. Bring us to the climax and don’t shrink from the emotion. You don’t need so much build up; I like the way you were so concise this time.

I second guess myself about how far I can push the emotion factor without losing credibility. I also worry about mistreating my listeners or readers through manipulation. Examining my process brings me to the truth behind my lack-luster communication. Pseudo people pleasing inhibits my creativity.

I say pseudo because really when I shirk from full expression of thought in order to avoid offending certain pockets of society I actually set up barriers that push others away. When I interact with the creation of another person (writing, speech, dance, movies, paintings, etc.) I yearn for stimulus that allows me to feel deeply the emotion of the creator. Why would I deny my audiences this same pleasure?

My analytical brain burns with the logical follow-up question: how? Instead of the boring old bullet points I opted for a more colorful conglomeration of thoughts. Behold the spider graph of how I might go from inhibition to activation.

image of my thoughts on how to go from inhibition to activation

Please feel free to share your thoughts about how one might trade in inhibition for activation.

*Bonus link for fiction writers: Challenging yet extremely insightful information for ‘writing the perfect scene‘.


3 thoughts on “Cut to the Chase

  1. Love your site! It’s fun, it’s fresh.

    Good thoughts on this post. I like your comment, “Pseudo people pleasing inhibits my creativity”. And it’s true that no matter what we do or how we try, someone will wish there were a “dislike” button to click.

    My thoughts on turning inhibition to activation? Just do it! Three very difficult words to follow, but find it usually works for me. :-)

    1. Hi Ilona! Thanks for commenting on ‘the @’. I appreciate your thought: just do it. Pushing through is the key sometimes. I agree. I hope your visit here won’t be your last. :-)

  2. Wow, that was a little overwhelming. I am always impressed by how professional you are about everything you do. You just keep getting better and better at everything you do. way to go.

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