Pierced Ears

My parents granted me permission get my ears pierced when I was ten. True to his nature, my dad preceded our entry to the mall with a long talk in the car. He made sure I wanted to forever mar my body. Answering his inquiry in the affirmative we walked together into Claire’s. A quick click, click finished the deed. I never regretted the decision, even as my own newborn babies pulled at the dangles threatening an enlarged hole.

Three of those babes happen to be girls. As parents we decided to follow the tradition of making piercing the child’s choice.

Raimy, my oldest, begged us for pierced ears her whole life. During a trip to the States we said yes. A trembling eight year old held my hand as we walked the halls of the mall looking for Claire’s. Two clicks from the gun held by a holey, decorated teenager and my daughter had two more holes in her head.

A number of months later that same child begged me to let her take out the shiny bobbles and let the holes grow shut. Her sensitivity couldn’t stand the feel of earrings. I consented, with one stipulation. If she ever wanted pierced ears again she paid for it.

At thirteen years old she revisits the idea at least once a week. She might go with her friends. We’ll see.

Of course my second daughter, Gabrielle, has begun the begging. We might get it done when we go to the States with her. She is 10; like I was. We’ll have to do it at Claire’s to keep tradition.

Speaking of tradition, the Bolivian girls get their ears pierced as infants. An infant is thought to be a boy (no matter how many dresses and pink you put the child in) if the ears are not pierced.

The thought occurred to me to inspect my third daughter’s ears. Kaitlynn has two tiny little scars where a piercing took place. I imagine as an infant in the hospital her birth mom had it done. The holes have since grown closed. Oh to know the story behind these tiny scars!

As her mama and papa now we will follow the tradition of letting her decide if she will have pierced ears, rather re-pierced ears. Will the fact that the closed up scars came from her mom influence her decision? She could always ask the piercer to give her new holes so she can keep the old ones as a reminder.

I wonder what other kind of scars from her former life have closed up, or are in the process of closing up. I wonder if some permanent scars from before she found us will never grow closed. I wonder if we might be able to adorn those reminding scars with shiny bobbles of gratitude.

Do you think it is possible to let scars become gratitude reminders?

Do you have any scar stories you would like to share?


10 thoughts on “Pierced Ears

  1. One scar behind each ear in the shape of a big C…like they opened up my ear like a door. Stopped a series of ear infections…hoped to increase some hearing. Did stop the infections but didn’t change the overall hearing loss. BUT I have uber cool pink hearing aides that bring my hearing ALMOST up to normal. My ears have lots of scarred tissue…which may mean with age I will lose more, but thank God for technology as the digital age has been good to this gal and her hearing issues!

    And the BEST part…screaming kids, notta problem. Turn of hearing aides and they act as ear plugs! You see, there are advantages to being hearing impaired!!! LOL!!!!

  2. Such a right of passage for young girls… I can still remember my mom taking me to the mall to get my first ones done too! I’m sure when the day comes for Kaitlynn to get hers (re-) done she will be just as excited/nervous too! xoxo

  3. I haven’t commented in FOREVER, but I thought I’d give a tip for Raimy. You said she has sensitivity. I don’t know if you mean itchiness or soreness. But if that’s the case, she might be allergic to certain metals. I can’t wear anything but hypoallergenic (or 14K gold) wire earrings. I can’t even wear any with posts and backs, because those tend to use a solder that I’m allergic to.

    My sister has the same allergy and dealt with it by letting her holes grow closed. I’ve kept mine, but I just have to abide by my restrictions.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Steph! I had never thought of that. This week Raimy got her ears pierced again. I will be more attentive this time around to see if we might make earring wearing more enjoyable for her if the allergy flares up.

  4. I am an earring girl! I have tons of earrings and love the bigger ones. I have them in organizers sorted by color. They are so much fun! But my closest friends don’t wear earrings at all. I just don’t get it. I LOVE them! hehe

    But what I find interesting is how each of us sisters have handled the monumental ear-piercing with our own daughters. Shawn has three daughters to think about. They have set the age of 3 and still allow the child to make the final decision. I didn’t know what I was going to do because Ali is so sensitive to pain and things touching her (which she’s growing out of). But a couple Summers ago I took her to the mall without telling her my plan. I took her in Claire’s (it has to be Claire’s right?) and just let her look around. Her eyes got wider and wider as she found row after row of EARRINGS! She started to touch a set and immediately said with conviction, “Mom, I want to get my ears pierced.” She was certain. I had to ask to make sure and warn her of the pain but she turned her head back and forth looking at all the earrings again and she reaffirmed her decision. Yes! She wanted to be able to wear all those earrings. And Yes! I would have someone to share my earring passion with! She quickly accumulated quite the earring collection herself and frequently offers them up in case I ever wanted to wear them. For her, the pain didn’t last very long as I helped her pick out several multi-packs of colorful, fun earrings.

    1. The difference in parenting styles that us three girls utilize amazes me as well. Your dolly girl Ali looks so very cute with her stylish dress and accessorizing. I can just see her walking through the shop with you and making such a decided statement. Very cool.

  5. I would have done my girls as babies. the three year old thing is Daddy’s idea. I think if it would have been done when they were little they wouldn’t have the pain or the nervousness to deal with. But MacKenzie did say no, when her chance came up. and she has not mentioned it again since. so i gues she really doesn’t desire earings. Sasha loves jewlry of all kinds and enjoys accessorizing, so for her it was a good choice. i just wonder how old MacKenzie will be when she decides to have it done. It will be interesting to see how Chloe deals with this a year from now.

    1. That is very interested that Nick had an opinion about it. Good for him! Parenting the unique personalities of my kids is one of my favorite parts of being a mama. Your girls are so, so, so cute!

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