What do you see?

Found used at an obscure flea market not far from my house. Bought used by the husband for the wife who always wanted one. Set in the home we rocked in it nearly everyday, at least one of us. I lost count of how many time we had to repair the favored chair. The rickety wood wobbled, old and tired. We gave it a rest. Instead of us sitting there, it just sat in the corner.

Spring cleaning sweeps through our rooms. I decide the chair must be removed from the living room. I investigate, hoping to manage one last repair. I love this chair.

The splintered slats said no. No more rocking. The time has come for the chair to to longer be a chair.

The disassemble happens quick. Screwdriver working in reverse, inspiration glides upon the pieces strewn. “I will hang it on the wall!” I announce to the husband working at his desk. He turns to see the mess and chuckles then says, “What? You going to make butterfly?”

What a great idea! Yes, I will do just that.

Twisting rope. Tying tight. A butterfly emerges.

Sometimes art happens fast.


Butterfly – Mariposa

Wood – Madera

Mariposa + Madera = Maderaposa

A transformation occurred. My beloved rocking chair reposes as a lovely piece of art on my wall.


17 thoughts on “Maderaposa

  1. WOW! Angie this is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this. i love the sentiment and the final art piece is stunning! how lovely

    1. Repurpose… that is the perfect word. Your comment reminded me of the end table made of a chair that Julie fawned over. So fun!

  2. I love it! What a great idea to make something new out of something old. Hmm, sounds spiritual – like the touch of the master’s hand. :). I like that it was a collaboration between you and your husband too, since you both sat and rocked in it. It looks great on your wall.

  3. I love, love, love this Angie. It looks so beautiful hanging above your bed. You really are a great artist. A creator inspired by THE Creator.

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