Trail Mix

Now on with the crunchy, munchy, mixed-up life I lead…

A few points of economic perspective.

  1. Someone tried to sell me their full grown, trained macaw for about $70.
  2. My kids regularly snack on fresh tropical fruit. Five mangos picked ripe from the tree cost less than $3 all together.
  3. I get my legs professionally waxed once a month at $12 a visit.
  4. A complete mani+pedi pampering puts me back no more than $7.
  5. When my hubby and I take a trip to the movies and get two tickets, with popcorn and sodas for both of us we spend no more than $20.
  6. Dare I mention that we employ full time house-help for about $130 a month?
  7. For a taxi ride that takes about 15 minutes (which gets you almost anywhere in town) we pay between $1 to $2.
  8. A huge chunk of steak grilled to delicious perfection at a restaurant? $7.
  9. We’ve made a few trips to the emergency room for sickness and injury. The cheapest visit cost $1 and the most expensive $20.
  10. With our Magic Jack we can make an infinite number of calls to the U.S. for $35 a year. When people call us they get charged what they would when calling Missouri. Skype chats cost only what we pay for high speed internet service.

I wanted to share with you a couple of the perks of missionary life in Bolivia. I needed the reminder.

To be fair I need to add we pay the same as in the States or higher for lots of stuff including but not limited to: vehicles, land, electronics, quality construction materials, and imported foods.

Most of the items on the preceding list register as luxury expenses for most Bolivians. After all, they call this the poorest country in South America. I am so grateful that we can maintain a healthy lifestyle with a number of comforts at relatively low costs.

Why not share with me some of the perks in your life?

Finally, a scene that caught my eye and made me smile on a drive the other day. With no relevance to the rest of the post I call it:

‘Three Men and a Baby in Bolivia’


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