10 Heroes

Best hero quote from the best superhero movie ever made ‘Incredibles’ :

“No capes!”

(Edna, superhero suit designer extraordinaire)

I agree with Edna; the most wonderful heroes go capeless.

And now, a list of 10 of my heroes.

10. Helen Incredible – I know she is a cartoon. I guess she personifies some things I admire. I admire her for her superb flexibility, and her sharp mind of how to apply that power. I admire that she fought for her family. I love that she and her husband are superheroes together.

9. Ruth of the Bible – I used to read this book of the bible over and over again. The story thrilled me. This woman followed her heart, even when it was tied to a land unknown and a strange people. What an honorable woman who was rewarded with prestige in the lineage of Christ and love in the arms of a good man.

8. Hudson Taylor – The very first missionary biography I read all by myself was about this man. I still remember being shocked and amused at the way he assimilated with the Chinese culture. He ate like them, dressed like them and even cut his hair like them. He loved people.

7. George Mueller – What faith! What prayer life! What miracles! He saw a need and he did something about it. Hundreds of children received love and care from the orphanages he founded. Thousands have been encouraged and challenged by the way he lived his life.

6. Ann Judson – She married a man who took her to the other side of the world during the era of slow boats. She worked hard alongside her husband as they ministered to the Burmese people through sickness, imprisonment, persecution, poverty, and emotional struggles. Yet she was integral in helping to translate the Bible to the native tongue. Her last words were Burmese.

5. Derek Prince – When I was eight this man came to speak at the little storefront church our family attended. To me he was just a preacher. He asked if anyone wanted prayer for anything. I went up and got saved. It wasn’t until much later in my life that I came to find out the marvelous missionary work this man did and the amazing teaching ministry he had.

4. Mother Teresa – Currently my oldest daughter is reading biography about this woman. So much could be said about her. Once she was asked how she did it all in such extreme conditions. She answered, “I help the one in front of me.” Wow.

3. The Apostle Paul – My favorite book of the bible is Colossians, which happens to be a letter written by Paul. We named our eldest son after the spiritual son this man nurtured, Timothy. He wrote, he discipled, he traveled, he taught, and he wrestled with authenticity and spirituality.

2. My Husband – So much could be said for this man who God brought into my life at the perfect time. He inspires me daily with his strength, commitment, perseverance, tenacity and passion. And he sings songs to me, makes me laugh, and enjoys hanging out with me. I love you, DaRonn!

1. God – Our Rescuer, Redeemer, Savior, Lord and Friend. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that were it not for Our Father God, His Son Jesus Christ and Our Guide and Comforter the Holy Spirit my life would have no meaning or purpose. God is my Ultimate Hero.

*** Next list: 10 Favorite Spots in the World***


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