10 Answered Prayers

I am fully aware that in the grand scheme of things I know diddly squat about all that God has done and is currently doing as a result of prayer. This I do know, He is doing stuff. For that I am so very grateful.

10. My mom’s grandmother lived with them. I never knew her but I am pretty sure I would have loved her. My mom told me once that my great grandmother would pray for them. I like to think that some of those prayers spilled over onto me. I believe my blessed life can be attributed in part to this woman of faith.

9. Every night before we went to bed my mom or my dad would pray with us. That same tradition we keep in our house too. One of my favorite prayers that I learned as a child comes from Numbers 6. As you read these words you can be assured that those prayers have taken affect in my life and the lives of my family.

 24 “The LORD bless you and keep you;

25 The LORD make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;

26 The LORD lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.”

8. From the time I was a small child I began to pray for my future spouse and my children. Listing things has always been a part of my nature. I took my list before the Lord of what I dreamed for my family. What a joy to know that the people who share my roof have been brought to me by my God.

7. Every teen likes to decorate their walls. My choice of posters were maps of the world. As I would walk by I would reach my hand out and run my fingers along the names, borders, oceans, dots and lines. I would pray for the nations. I would pray that I could go to the world. I prayed God would let me be a missionary.

6. When our little family wanted to go to mission school we had to make a move from St. Joseph, Missouri a couple States South to Tulsa, Oklahoma. We had the moving truck all packed and enough money to our name to pay for the gas to get down there. As we were rolling down the gate of the truck a friend from church came running up and handed my husband an envelope. He told DaRonn to wait to open it until we were in Tulsa. The money in the envelope was enough for our first two months of rent in our new city.

5. When we were in mission school our teachers encouraged us to write out our visions or goals. DaRonn and I wrote a five fold statement of what we hoped to do as missionaries. Since we had already spent extensive time talking about this very thing we were able to show them our list without hesitation: 1. Bible Schools, 2. Church, 3. Social aid, 4. Multi-media publications, 5. Missionary mobilization. God has graciously allowed us to step into each of these areas to some degree and see good results.

4. So many prayers regarding adjustment, culture and language learning, safety, wisdom, and provision were answered to confirm us as missionaries in those first few years. One instance of health comes to mind. An outbreak of Dengue fever hit our area. I got it. I have never felt closer to death in my whole life. I am grateful to have recovered from that plight.

3. A while after my final pregnancy came to a close with a c-section some complications presented themselves in my woman parts. I was so frustrated when the conclusion was made that I should have cysts surgically removed. The chance of malignancy scared me. God sent a dear friend (Livvy Lu) at just the right moment to help me not lose hope. He also provided the finances for the surgery through the donations of friends. No cancer!

2. Prayers saturated the adoption process for our youngest child. I thank God that the Bolivian paperwork is finalized and she has been in our home for just about a year and a half.

1. Many people have chosen to come alongside us in prayer over our family and ministry. I see those prayers answered every day. Testaments to this: DaRonn and I have a strong happy marriage, all our children have soft hearts for God, we are a healthy bunch, the ministry impacts more people than we can count, and the growth continues strong.

This I share not to boast in our own righteousness, which is but filthy rags, rather to give glory to God, the eternal Lord and gracious Father.

*** Next list: 10 Hopes for the Coming Years ***


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