10 Hopes for the Coming Years

Sunday’s a day of hope. It’s the day we remember the very first resurrection Sunday when Christ conquered death, hell and the grave opening a way of salvation to all who would believe on Him. What better day to look ahead at the coming years and bear my soul of some of the hopes I have?

I hope…

10. …we can get the Dreamers into a permanent home with a big yard they can call their own for years to come.

9. …we can get a home with a big yard and guest quarters for the Washington family that we can call our own.

8. …we can help the church purchase or build an excellent facility.

7. …I can get a book published, in English. (more than one would be great too…)

6. …we can help our two youngest kids become bilingual in speaking, reading and writing.

5. …we can do some big time traveling with our kids.

4. …we can solidify and grow the mechanisms we have began to provide for us when we get old.

3. … we can get our kids started out well on their adult lives.

2. … we can establish and implement a working plan for helping launch the Lifetime Dreamers into adulthood.

1. … we can stay focused, strong, and impassioned about knowing God and doing His work.

*** Next and final list in this 10 Lists series: 10 Scariest Things About Missions  [Because it is Halloween… scary… get it?] ***


3 thoughts on “10 Hopes for the Coming Years

  1. Angie, I LOVE all these lists– esp. the mission-book and culture shock ones! Can’t wait to read the next one on scary missions! I loved reading more of your story and your dreams here, too– especially the one where you hope to get published. YES! Are you writing a book? In the pursuit of publishing? I’d love to hear and encourage you along the journey! You have such amazing experiences to share . . .

    love from here,

    1. Oh, good! I am glad that you have been enjoying the lists. I can use all the encouragement I can find, girl! Short answer: yes, I am pursuit of publishing. Long answer: We have self published a bunch of books here in Bolivia in Spanish through the publishing house arm of our ministry. A handful of those are mine. Two more are in the waiting list for publication here. Technically these kind of books, though helpful and well received by the readers, are not my passion because they lean mostly to the pragmatic side of things, teaching manuals and how to stuff. The ones I want to get published in English are fiction novels. I have one ready to go and a couple more still in the refining stage. I have investigated the differences between self-publishing and getting picked up by a reputable publishing house. I prefer the publishing house. I know this means finding an agent, writing query letters, submitting my work, etc. When I add to the creative part (writing and rewriting and refining) by stepping it up and trying to get published I am going to have to be serious and treat it like a job. I am willing to do that… but not just this instant. Thanks for the love! You are great, Laura!

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