Immigrant Juggler – Excerpt 3

This bit comes directly after the first excerpt.

Not wanting to know what now seeped through my fingers I squeezed my eyes shut tight. I made sure all my limbs made it behind the metal gate and then turned my head in the direction of my hand. It had stayed frozen in its spot as I maneuvered my body around my arm. It felt like a blindfolded game of some extreme version of Twister. I never did like that game. After listing off in my mind every single idea of grossness that might be under my hand I slowly opened one eyelid. The other popped open fast as I saw the substance pooling under my palm was blood.

The noise throbbing in my head from the never ending flood of protesters filling the streets echoed louder off the tin walls of the small lot. Scanning the premises I saw a shack in the back corner. The attendant had abandoned the one dusty car with a flat, the only vehicle in sight. To my right a dirty canvas tarp shivered. The blood streamed out from under the cloth. The sheer size told me this could not be a dog or a cat. The creature must be human. The mob behind me, an injured human before me, I had to make a choice. Whatever, rather whoever, was under there must be scared and severely hurt. They did not cry out. They only shook. Why they had not sought help I did not understand. Perhaps they were hiding from a crime or an attacker.


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