Sunny Sunday

A few months ago a member of our church told me she had an idea of a way to honor us for ten years of service in Bolivia. She had rallied some other people from church to help her with this idea. They wanted to bring DaRonn’s mom down for a visit. She had never been to Bolivia before. This member of the church said that she wanted DaRonn’s mom to see all we had accomplished and be proud of her son. I told them this was a great idea.

For the following weeks we communicated across the continents to prepare: the tickets, the time off work, the passport, the visa, and the vaccination. Finally she came! We had a wonderful week with Grandma Charlie in town.

On her final day in the city of Cochabamba we observed Pedestrian Day, during which use of motor vehicles is prohibited. After the church service we had a nice little walk together. Back at home we made fun photos for posterity.

We are so very grateful for this amazing gift given to us by the church body here at Iglesia Cristo Nación. ¡Los cristonacioneros son lo máximo!

Enjoy some pictures from our final day together.

"Aragatza" best ice-cream in town and it's sold from the side of a truck


Gabrielle wanted to bring our poodle Shep along for the walk (photo by Raimy O.)


Another photo by Raimy O. of Timothy
DVD sales in front of our gate. That's our ministry's sign. DaRonn and his mom share a love of movies.
The blue graffiti says "Rechaza el Engaño" which means: Resist Deception
Our neighbor in the market. She sits here every day.
The Washington family with Grandma Charlie
Mother and Son


4 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday

  1. What an amazing gift!! I’m so, so happy to have found your blog. We have a postcard from Cochabamba on our bulletin board and have added you to the family prayer list, using it as a reminder. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences.


  2. I loved looking at these pics of your life there, your family. What a huge gift that your mother in law could see and taste and really understand Bolivia– to have a real context for your family.

    And btw, I loved your family wall of thanks, too. Such a cool idea.

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