Sending Stuff from the United States of America to Bolivia

I snatched this from the blog post of a dear friend, Denise, who lives right here in Cochabamba:

Here’s a comment left by a friend of mine in New Jersey.  It seems like she has found a more frugal way to ship things from the USA to Bolivia.  Leave it to resourceful homeschool moms to find a better way!  Thanks Sally for your help.
“You can order flat rate bubble wrap envelopes from the postal service. You cannot get these at the post office, only online. They are free and are shipped free. Do not ask me why you cannot get them at the post office! They can take up to 4 pounds of stuff and the rate from the USA to Bolivia is $13.95. This is the cheapest way that I have found to ship overseas. If you can fit it as they say you can ship it. I sell on Ebay and found this out through shipping so much. This is way cheaper than 4 pounds to Bolivia any other way.”

UPDATE from Sally (the sender) – “I just shipped last week and the postal service just raised their rates. I think it is now $16.90 or something close to that….still super cheap compared to normal rates”


Click the pic (or the following link) to go directly to the USPS site:

Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelope

The standard Lucky Seven instructions still apply as well:

  1. WEIGHT. Up to 4 lbs per package (2 kilos) maximum. Accumulated items weighing more than 4 lbs can be split between packages. If one single item is more than 4 lbs we have different sending instructions.
  2. NAME. The package must be addressed to DaRonn Washington OR Angie Washington, not both.
  3. ADDRESS. We prefer that you send the items through regular post (not delivery services). There are many reasons for this. Simply trust me that regular post works the best. You will notice that there is no zip code number on this address, this is not an accident. With dark permanent ink write:

DaRonn Washington

Casilla 1835

Cochabamba, Bolivia

  1. DECLARE. A simple categorical list of the items is sufficient, no need for details. Declare the total value of the items to be no more than $20. If you list it as more expensive then the package is held in customs and the process to release it is time consuming and costly.
  2. TIME. Allow 10 days to 10 weeks for delivery.
  3. CONTENTS. Things that MUST NOT be sent are: coins, cash bills, checks, unbagged creams and liquids.
  4. WRAPPING. Random inspections of the package are performed. Suspect items are opened and at times confiscated without explanation. Please do not gift wrap the items so that during an inspection the inspectors can see the contents at a glance.

I guess you would also like to know what you can stuff in those handy little 4 pound packages, too. Glad you asked!

  • DaRonn: Reese’s peanut butter cups and Whatchmacallits candy
  • Angie: Stationary and cool writing utensils
  • Raimy: fun, medium-sized, misses t-shirts and girly teenager stuff
  • Timothy: advanced building toys (i.e. Legos, bucky balls, k’nex, etc.)
  • Gabrielle: arts and crafts supplies of all sorts
  • Tyler: construction toys for a 5 year old boy (i.e. Legos, Bionicles, etc.)
  • Kaitlynn: dresses and fun girls clothes size 4
  • Fillers: non-chocolate novelty candy and socks are perfect space fillers

Happy shipping! And Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Sending Stuff from the United States of America to Bolivia

  1. well, thank you so much for this. very timely. i was actually just about to get something packaged up to send it to you. so i just ordered some of those envelopes. awesome!

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