Trail Mix

Now on with the crunchy, munchy, mixed-up life I lead…

  • Suffering from seven straight weeks of strikes from separate sectors saturated the streets with unrest.
  • Some settlements seemed to soothe certain folks.
  • A semblance of normality, previously interrupted by the political demonstrations, has returned.
  • I guess we interrupted the normality with a vacation, as well. We took the kids to Santa Cruz for a week.
  • Just finished reading “On Writing” by Stephen King. I enjoyed it from cover to cover, or from click to click in my case since I read it on my Kindle. So good in so many ways.
  • That was my first ever Stephen King book. I may read one of his fiction pieces. Any recommendations?
  • My family gave me a perfect new desk chair for Mother’s Day.
  • Southern Hemisphere summer comes at the end and beginning of the year. We are preparing for the cool months right now.
  • Begrudged and betwixt might be the words to describe my state of being right now.
  • Begrudged about the ordeal of renewing documents looming before us.
  • Betwixt about the balance of duty and desire duking it out in my soul.
  • I started a new blog site a week ago. If you want the link I’ll give it to you.
  • Right at this moment I am finishing up watching the season finale of Survivor.
  • I still smile at an idea my friend had a while back. She said, “They should do a reality show about us missionaries.” Ha! Could be called ‘The Real Missionaries of Cochabamba’. Trust me, it would be quite amusing.


4 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. I’m interested in both the blog and watching the Real Missionaries!! What channel will that be on? LOL And will it be as juicy as the Real Housewives of New Jersey?? Just curious!!

  2. I am impressed with your long string of alliteration in your first few bullets. Was that intentional?

    I would love the link to your new blog site.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Stephen King’s On Writing. I’ve read a few of his fictional pieces. Firestarter is interesting.

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