Inspiration Trail

Sometimes the trail leading to an inspired idea lays clearly marked and identifiable. Others wind mysterious and unknown over obscure destinations and through scores of portals through time. A new idea I launched about a month ago came to me by way of an inspiration trail lined by neon lights.

Sarah DeSalvo who lives in the Indonesia did a daily photo feature on her blog, Junglewife. Looking at those snapshots in her life brought a smile to my face and brightened my day. I’ve gotten to know Sarah online and she is a neato person.

Bill Pevlor, a long time friend, turned his hobby into a business. His daily photos, posted on Pops Digital, of nature, the Algoma pier, and an occasional unidentifiable bug celebrate God’s handwork. His confidence and care as a photographer challenge me to take the time to enjoy taking pictures.

Alece Ronzino, a friend I met in Africa years ago, started a movement to help people focus their lives. One Word 365 encourages participants to prayerfully select one word at the beginning of the year and let that be a guide. Those joining in share stories online about their progress.

Ann Voskamp, author of best selling book ‘One Thousand Gifts’ and blogger extraordinaire, shares about her life with humility and authenticity. Her daily posts on A Holy Experience weave poetic words through gorgeous photography and draw me into a moment of meditation and reflection.

Mandy Thompson, another online friend, took creative expression and smooshed it together with journaling and Art Journaling exploded into existence. Her pages full of raw life give voice to the depth of her beautiful soul. You can peruse her esty shop here to see what I am talking about: Mandy Thompson Art.

Finally, the online curator at Colossal, confirmed what I had started in secret when he posted a spectacular image of an actual neon sign in a piece of art by Lee Jung.

The inspiration trail led to:


365 days. 365 ways. to say I Love You.

I started it on my love’s birthday, May 8. Check it out if you like.

What did you do to Love Out Loud today?


6 thoughts on “Inspiration Trail

  1. Thanks for mentioning me on your blog! :-) I do still take daily pictures, but unfortunately our internet has just been too slow for me to upload and post them. I hope to “catch up” sometime when our internet gets faster! We’ll see… ;-)

    Oh, and no worries, but I live in Indonesia :-)

    1. Ah! I knew that… it’s fixed now. Oops. Sorry about that…

      I am glad to know that you still take pictures everyday. Such a great practice. Keep it up girl!

  2. Angie – this is a very cool idea. I will have to put loveoutloud365 on my daily check list. I’ll also have to check out the others you’ve mentioned. (And thanks for the mention.)

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