Help Me Understand, Please // Ayúdame a Entender, Por Favor

These are the pages of a typical Bolivian coloring book:

Estas son unas páginas de un típico libro para pintar de Bolivia:

It is designed in such a way that the children receive instruction from the adults about how to color the picture. The children are expected to match the full color side by coloring the outlined side to match the model. I have not seen a Bolivian coloring book designed with only outlined pictures.

Está fabricado de tal manera que los niños reciben la instrucción de los adultos en como hay que pintar el imagen. Los niños tienen que hacer que el lado con solamente el contorno del imagen esté igual al imagen del lado con color. No he visto un libro de pintar hecho en Bolivia que está con solamente imagenes de contorno. 

Help me understand, please.

Ayúdame a entender, por favor.

Why do they do this? Why is this the ‘normal’ coloring book? What end are we aiming for by designing coloring books in this fashion? Really, I want to know.

¿Por qué es así? ¿Por qué es este formato ‘lo normal’ cuando se trata de libros para pintar? ¿Qué propósito sirve fabricar libros de pintar en este formato? Realmente, quiero saber.

I grew up with coloring books filled with outlined shapes ready and waiting for me to fill based on my imagination. Pink trees. Rainbow houses. People of every color under the sun. We were encouraged to, “Color outside the lines,” as a metaphor for a life of creativity and problem solving. I loved still love coloring in coloring books.

Me criaba con libros para pintar llenos con formas de contornos nada mas, listos y esperando que los llene basada en mi imaginación. Arboles rosadas. Casas de arco iris. Personas de cada color debajo del sol. Nos animaban a, “Colorear fuera de las lineas,” como una metáfora de una vida de creatividad y resolución de problemas. Me encantó encanta todavía colorear en los libros para pintar.

I do not ask to criticize. I just really want to understand the Bolivian way of doing coloring books. Thanks, ahead of time, for helping me to understand.

No quiero criticar. Solamente es que realmente quiero entender la manera Boliviana de hacer libros para pintar. Gracias, de antemano, por ayudarme a entender.


3 thoughts on “Help Me Understand, Please // Ayúdame a Entender, Por Favor

  1. It is the same way here in Indonesia. The children learn to memorize and copy in school. They do not learn critical thinking and decision-making skills. The coloring books are just one facet of this culture that does not encourage original thought.

    1. I agree, Sarah, that those skill are not priorities in the educational system. So, I wonder what skills they are trying, with intent, to cultivate in the kids. I can’t imagine they are sitting in their offices saying, “How can we discourage individual thought from a very young age?” Or are they? I would imagine that there exists some other line of reasoning of some kind of skill they are trying to impress upon the kids. What would that be?

  2. I don’t get it either & I TOO love to color and draw. I say put a BIG fat crayon in a child’s hand as soon as they can grasp & watch the wonder … in being able to create
    on their own.

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