Penguin in a Palm Tree?

As we were chatting with friends in the street in front of our house I noticed this grey blob in our neighbor’s tree. I looked at it for a while trying to figure out what it was. I interrupted all the conversations asking out loud what was in the tree.

Can you see it? Better yet, do you know what it is? Here’s a close up:

It is a bird the size of a small penguin. It just sat there all calm and peaceful. I think it might be a pet. I waited for him to lift his wings so I could see if they were a different color underneath. He just sat turning his head every once in a while. His beak reminds me of the kookaburras we saw in Australia. But this guy is much bigger and not as colorful, at least from this angle.

Anybody got a clue?

3 thoughts on “Penguin in a Palm Tree?

  1. Well- he or she is a Black crowned night heron ! ( Google image him to see more.) The reason it’s quiet and kind of sleepy looking is because dusk and dawn are prime time for these birds and in your photo looks as though he’s trying to have a sweet siesta.
    Need to say I had an amazing time with this : I stumbled across your blog, as a bird lover – AND in south america – I needed to know exactly what this bird is – searched and discovered that Bolivia has almost 1500 different types of bird !!!! WOW !
    of those : theres over 200 different types of flycatcher !!! – 85 different types of hummingbirds !!! – over 50 different types of parrot !! and 18 different types of heron. …. and God made and knows each one of them – ( latin name aswell)
    Thank you for this great post ! – investigating this “sleepy tree penguin” in middle of south america put alot of perspective on alot of situations for me today !
    God is BIG and our times and our lives are in HIS hands !

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