Some Random Answers

I threw out a question net online recently.

1. Are there play grounds?

Cochabamba keeps it’s green areas immaculate. One of my favorite parts of living in this city is the access to great parks and playgrounds all over the place.

2. What American Restaurants do you have?

We have one chain restaurant from the United States here in Bolivia called Burger King. There was a Bolivian movie made about the exodus of McDonalds about 10 years ago, just after we arrived in the country. Another restaurant claims to be a chain from the U.S. but I am not sure about that. It’s a hot wings joint called Big Joy. Heard of it?

3. What is that bridge?

This is an inside joke between DaRonn and I. We take a stack of pictures to pass around when we speak in the States about our life. Invariably one person from the group will ask us, “What is that bridge.” Without fail that one picture seems to garner inexplicable interest.

4. Do you live in Rio De Janiero?

More than once people ask us about life in Brazil. Our precious geographically challenged compatriots frequently confuse Bolivia with Brazil or Bulgaria. Quick, name all the countries that start with the letter B… 

5. If you shop at street markets, and vendors, is it considered proper to haggle,or just pay the posted price.

I do shop at markets and from street vendors. Usually no prices are posted; you have to ask. I rarely haggle. Yet, any smidgeon of hesitation usually invites a reduced asking price. If I read the person and feel that I am being taken advantage of I will move along to the next shop and do comparative shopping. I go with whoever gives me the best deal because most things are sold by where others are selling the same thing: fruit sector, veggies sector, pet supply sector, automotive part sector, lawyer sector, and the list goes on.

6. What is the rhythm of daily life, what dance is it like?

DaRonn said, “Crumping because you never quite know what your partner is going to do.” I am not familiar with that dance, or many other dances for that matter. So we will go with his answer. Maybe a group style dance where each dancer has specific steps. A traditional rhythm with undercurrents of youthful discontent and mistrust. The costumes for the dance would be colorful and ostentatious.

7. I threw out the question net in response to a question posed to me about the price of gas.

It was at $2.02 a gallon last week.

Thanks for the questions!


2 thoughts on “Some Random Answers

  1. Loved you answer to the rhythm of life question.

    I have only lived in one other culture, besides America. I was stationed for a year in Japan, 1965, while in the army. Japan was like a structured waltz, everyone knowing their steps, and place in society. Very different from my rock and roll America. At that time I needed that structure.

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