Nature or Nurture, Neat or Not

Any ‘nice’ that you may see in the decor of the Washington home can be attributed to the man of the house. He has an eye for good things. Though I own the truth God made me a ‘creative’, I also know he made me a ‘messy’. Mess doesn’t bother me. Maybe that is why I can live with out losing my mind in a country of relative chaos? Maybe this is why I find joy being surrounded by and interacting with children?

When we were growing up I remember our whole family being invited to dinner. The man showed our family around their tiny house. He took pride in telling us that he had remodeled the kitchen using things he had found in the junk yard. Wonderful! Somehow that kitchen made of junk gave me permission to embrace a less than neat lifestyle.

My mother raised us five kids to know how to clean and organize. She and my dad even worked hard to make the tasks fun and rewarding. So, it’s not that I don’t know how to put things in order. I see some of my friend’s homes and I am reminded of how nice my mother’s house has always looked. I am in awe. That is just not me.

We strive to keep our presentable areas, well, presentable. DaRonn is a huge help. The kids know how to get it looking good for the visitors. But my own space is something very different. Wanna see?

I straightened it up for y’all, too.

I love my creative corner! You can’t see the high dormer windows above the white curtain that let in the sun all day long. You can’t see the details on my peg board of trinkets from precious people. You can’t see the drawers full of paints, sharpies, paper, stickers, and all other means of writing tools. This place inspires me. I hope that you have a place, a corner, a nook, that inspires you to be the true you.

Hey, if you blog or tweet or an facebook, I would love to see your creative space too. Why not post a pic and let me know about it. Thanks!

Also, what are your thoughts on nature and nurture? Does our nature always push through? Can we nurture against nature?

3 thoughts on “Nature or Nurture, Neat or Not

  1. If we were unable to nurture against nature, we would be in a sorry state indeed! As a Christian, I absolutely believe that we can, and sometimes must, nurture against nature.

    Like you, I am creative and messy. I have yet to find (or create) that one space that works for me as my creative spot. Mt creative space is anywhere that I happen to be sitting with my journal or sketchbook. I do, however, have a corner with a big (messy) desk at which I sometimes plant myself in order to complete a project. But I guess I don’t like to be tied to one spot. Maybe that is why I prefer writing in a journal, drawing in a sketchbook, crocheting rather than sewing–these forms of creativity are portable!

  2. Yep! Right there with you, ladies! Creative AND messy! Although, getting older and being married to someone who likes “neat” has made me strive to be neat-er and clean up after myself more and try to teach my kiddos to do the same. I grew up in a VERY messy, crazy, chaotic house with a pack-rat mom who could never throw anything out (and still can’t). So, I’ve spent my adult years trying not to become that, yet still maintaining my creative spirit. Here in Bolivia is the first time I’ve been able to make my own little “creative space” where I have my art and sewing stuff – but I also have to be portable as well. Before moving to Bolivia, I had really gotten into art journaling and I used to do that all over the house! Here, I’ve mostly been painting, doing collage work, and sewing so those things stay put pretty much in my creative space…except for when I have to cut out a pattern or if I’m working on a large painting/collage. Then, it’s the dining room table! Lowell put up a little pic on his fb page of my creative space a while back. Here’s the link:!/photo.php?fbid=10150813499197189&set=a.10150813499182189.476900.637202188&type=3&theater

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