I was her age when I met my husband

He was 15. I was 14.

We went to the same church. He came with the bussed in kids. I rode shot got in the big van our parents used to bus the kids in.

Fast forward 6 years and you will see a happily married couple, best friends for life.

Fast forward to today and that same couple is much more happily married almost 16 years later.

Our oldest daughter is the age I was when I met DaRonn.


My parents moved us from a privileged part of the city to a neighborhood of diversity. They exposed us to people of different religions, races, and incomes. They taught us to value the richness of humanity.

As parents we moved our family from a privileged nation to a hemisphere of diversity. We are exposing our children to people of different languages, histories, and cultures. I hope they are learning to value the richness of humanity.

What a thrill to watch the lives of my children unfold.



4 thoughts on “I was her age when I met my husband

  1. I was 12 when I met mine. In another country where my parents worked. We didn’t marry until 10 years later – in yet another county, and then went to live in yet another.

  2. okay, making me think today. and freakingme out….our son is the same age my husband and i were when we started dating – 17. thinking of and praying for the young lady who will be my daughter-in-law is…scary? amazing?

    1. Yes, amazing and a little scary. But the good kind of scary like right before you hit the big waves when you are white water rafting. Freaking out is a completely acceptable response, Kendal. :)

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