Cochabamba Street Art – Installation Sabja

These paintings are found on one large corner all lined up from the first to the last with doors, windows, and garages in between. I was across the street photographing the last ones first and a gentleman came up to me.

He said, “The better pictures are on the other side around the corner.” I was intrigued and thanked him for pointing me in the direction I was already headed. Then he added, “That is my house.”

Really. Okay. I was curious why he looked so proud. I asked. “Did the artists have permission to paint your walls?”

He nodded and said, “Yes they did. They even made a painting just to say thanks to our family: ‘gracias familia sabja’. You’ll see it around the corner.” Fabulous! It’s the first picture in this installation of the smurf.

What a serendipitous encounter this lovely rainy morning.

The owner of the house also informed me that the group who came to paint was from mARTadero, an artists group in the city. I am beginning to recognize some of the names of the street artists: Bona (good), Puriskiri (‘traveler’ in Quechua), and Moxz. All pen names, so to speak, I imagine. It seems they add “Arte Latino” (Latin Art) and the year to their pieces as well.

My Cochabamba Street Art file is growing. I am always looking for more spots to photograph. So if you are in Cochabamba and know of some street art please let me know. Thanks!


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