Cochabamba Street Art – Installation Maquinas

“Cocha anda en micro!!!” means “Cochabamba gets around in buses”. The colorful bus in the picture looks just like many of the buses on the streets around town.

We might call this picture “Unplugged”. You can see how large this piece is with the plastic chair by the boy’s foot as a reference.

Click on this panoramic, three-picture splice to see a closer image of dear old Mario fighting off the bad guys

The human sandwich being eaten by the robot is one of my favorite pieces in Cochabamba.

Pac-Man! I have seen other walls decorated by the artist ‘Hawk’.

In Spanish the word for ‘machines’ is ‘maquinas’ [MAH kee nahs]. The influence of machines in these pieces of street art is undeniable. The first two images come courtesy of Guillermo Deheza. I found his trove of Cochabamba Graffiti on Facebook. With his permission I am posting these. More of his discoveries to come in later posts.

Which street art of the Maquinas Installation is your favorite?


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