The Missions Conversation

Laura Parker and I met online through blogging. A friendship was forged as comments flew over the oceanic expanse from South America to South East Asia. The bond that formed between this old fogy and a sparky newbie kept strong as the Parker family made some major changes for the sake of their mission.

Laura shares about the idea that came to her during that transition time in her welcome video on our new site. A couple months ago she asked me to help her launch a collaborative blog site for missionaries. We began forming a stellar team of writers from around the globe.

I am so very excited about this community that is forming. If you are a missionary, foreign aid worker, or preparing to go overseas for any amount of time I think you will be interested in ‘A Life Overseas: The Missions Conversation‘.

Read. Comment. Browse. Link up. Share. Be encouraged.

We already have a wealth of back content that you might benefit from. Feel free to use the search bar to find articles on a specific topic. Or you can search using our well rounded category list.

One of the features I love is the international blog directory. You can add the link to your blog. Don’t forget to add the region you are working in. You can also find other people who are close to you and maybe find a few new friends. The page is called Find Missionary Blogs Here!

To keep things hopping we will have 3 or 4 fresh new posts a week. You’ll hear from: men, women, marrieds, singles, independents, and mainline missionaries, as well. The topics will be shared in an honest and authentic tone. In hopes to engage the readers in meaningful talks some of the content will have a challenging or edgy tone. We invite you to share your voice and join in the conversation.

In honor of our Launch Day we have two very special posts:

1. Laura welcomes you in a vlog. Click here to go watch it. I can’t wait for the day I can meet this sweet lady face to face!

2. In ‘Friend of Missionaries‘ I look at the concept of missionaries as manure. I’d love to hear about your experiences with making friends overseas.

To close this post about our exciting new project I want to make a special invitation to you senders. A sender is one who helps through prayer, finances, and moral support of those who work in foreign lands. Your part in missions does not go unnoticed. This might be a good place for you to hear from the hearts of those who are overseas, stories and struggles, so that you may better understand those who you support so sacrificially. You are welcome, too.


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