Come Check-In My Missionary Friends

Hello my missionary friends! I’ve told you about the new collective blog I am a part of, right? If not then consider yourself informed by way of this post. We’re still a newbie blog but we have really picked up some traction in the short time we have been running it. Missionaries like yourself from around the world are reading, commenting, and even guest posting (let me know if you are interested and I’ll get you the info.) at A Life Overseas. Our tag line is: The Missions Conversation. We are all about discussing topics relevant to missionaries and foreign aid workers. We get into controversial stuff and deep heart matters. I am so honored to be involved.

Today’s post is a world-wide, check-in post called ‘Next Door Neighbors‘. We invite EVERYBODY who is a part of this new blog cooperative by way of reading or writing to come and introduce yourself. Hey, who knows, you might even make a new friend or two. Click the graphic below to jump to the post or follow the text hyperlink. Thanks!

A Life Overseas: Next Door Neighbors




3 thoughts on “Come Check-In My Missionary Friends

    1. Wonderful, Liz! I am so glad that you are “aprovechando” of the site! I will send you the details of how to guest post. Yeah!

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